Vicky Yellow Tennis/Cricket Ball Light Multipurposeful Design & Durable Rubber Built Ideally Designed for Sports Enthusiasts or Trainees- Pack of 6
Unlike gas-pressured balls, Vicky’s rubber balls won’t lose pressure over time and have more bounce. They are ideal for beginners & sports enthusiasts and work efficiently with tennis ball machines. They are a flexible addition to your tennis practice equipment as they can be used on any court, whether it is hard or soft, made of clay or cement. You may use this rubber ball for a variety of things rather than just playing tennis. It can be used to train your pets or you can use it for playing gully cricket matches.
INDOOR & OUTDOOR COURT PLAY: This rubber ball can be used on any court—hard or soft, clay or cement—making them a versatile addition to your tennis practice equipment.
GIFT OR LEVEL UP: It is ideal for recreational enthusiasts, beginners, and youth sports programs. It is the ultimate gift or gear investment for all kinds of players & settings.
IDEAL FOR TENNIS PRACTICE: This rubber ball is ideal to use with ball machines! Additionally, it comes with a storage jar that makes it durable and easy to store.
MULTI-PURPOSEFUL ITEM: Apart from playing tennis, you can use this tennis ball for multi-purposes. You can train your pet with it or you can use it for playing gully cricket matches.
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