Steven Smith supports Cummins’ call for new Australia Day

In a recent turn of events, Australian cricketer Steven Smith has thrown his support behind a reconsideration of Australia Day’s date, echoing the sentiments expressed earlier by Test captain Pat Cummins.

Smith shared that he recently discussed Australia Day with Scott Boland. He expressed desire for all Australians to celebrate the day but acknowledged that not everyone feels the same way currently. Smith suggested that the way forward might involve finding a way for all Australians to celebrate on that particular day.

“I was speaking to Scott Boland about this just the other day and as Australians, you want all Australians to celebrate that day. All Australians don’t (with) the way it is at the moment. Maybe that is the way forward, (changing it) to have all Australians celebrating on that day,” Smith said as quoted by

This comes amid Cricket Australia facing scrutiny over their decision not to use the term “Australia Day” in promoting the Gabba Test against West Indies. The organisation had previously omitted the term in 2021 for BBL matches, a move that drew criticism from then Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Despite the potential backlash, Cummins, who backed Cricket Australia’s decision, became the highest-profile figure in sports to advocate for a change of Australia Day’s date. He emphasized,

“I absolutely love Australia. It is the best country in the world by a mile. We should have an Australia Day, but we can probably find a more appropriate day to celebrate it.”

“Once you start realising Jan 26 and why it is chosen, Australia Day is meant to be a celebration of everything Australia and our history. So we could choose a better date,” he added.

Cummins highlights the importance of understanding cricket’s diverse stories and sentiments

Acknowledging the diversity within cricket, Cummins recognised the significance of understanding the feelings and stories of players involved, adding,

“In a sport like cricket, which has such diversity and millions of people supporting it and playing it, you get a good spectrum of the community and a good feel for what the community expects. Knowing a couple of those players that you mentioned, you hear the stories and their feelings. So it does gather extra importance.”

As the conversation gains momentum, the cricketing figures contribute their voices to a broader national discussion on finding a more inclusive date for Australia Day, aligning with the evolving perspectives within the community.

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