StanceBeam Plastic Striker, Cricket Bat Sensor, Analytics & Smart Videos, Batting Practice Equipment, Bat Speed Sensor, Free App With No Subscription Charges

【Easy to Use with replaceable Bat Mount】- You can easily and quickly assemble a Sensor on top of the handle of any cricket bat. It comes with ‘Replaceable Bat Mounts’ for easy installation on any size of cricket bat and a locking key to make sure that the Striker remains locked securely inside the Bat Mount. The whole installation takes just 5 seconds.
【Live Stats】- Track 11 Shot metrics in real-time. Bat Speed, Bat Angles, Power, and Shot Efficiency are among the key shot metrics gathered for each shot. Coaches and players use these metrics to evaluate better batting technique, strengths, and areas for improvement under various playing conditions, benchmark data and track progress over time.
【Smart Videos】- StanceBeam App records and trims a 4-second video automatically as you play each shot with all metrics overlaid. This wonderful feature reduces the need to waste time reviewing a video of an entire session that contains unnecessary pauses between shots.
【Cloud Storage】- You get unlimited cloud storage without any additional subscription fees, where you can upload your session stats and video. You can access all the sessions, and it will not affect local storage on your phone. Enabling you to look at your sessions anytime & anywhere.
【Session Insights and Wagon Wheel】- Session Insights makes analysing your game and data easy. It gives an overview of the entire session, whether you played an attacking, defensive, or powerful session. It explains how you time your shots during the session, your hit percentage, and the direction in which you played the shot on a wagon wheel. It also gives session speed and angle graphs so you can observe your technique’s consistency.
【Players/Coaches】 – Cricket Players and their coaches worldwide trust StanceBeam Striker to identify the consistency of the Player’s technique, performance trends, and insights and share feedback before and after every session using in-app video analysis, feedback and drill assignment.
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