‘ I had any problem then I wouldn’t be living in India’, Mohammed Shami Opens Up On World Cup Celebration Controversy

The star pacer of team India Mohammed Shami had experienced a remarkable performance in the 2023 ODI World Cup. He finished the tournament as the top wicket-taker with an impressive total of 24 wickets in seven matches. Throughout the tournament, Shami also achieved the milestone of becoming India’s all-time leading wicket-taker in ODI World Cups, getting the tally to 55 wickets.

During the cricketing spectacle, Shami achieved three five-wicket hauls, showcasing his exceptional bowling prowess against New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and again against the Kiwis in the first semi-final. On one such occasion, he marked his five-wicket feat by sitting on his haunches to celebrate. However, some Pakistani media alleged that the Indian fast bowler had intended to perform the sacred ‘Sajda’ but refrained from doing so at the last moment. They claimed that Shami is scared of doing so in India.

Now, the star pacer has come up and said that no one can stop him from doing Sajda and he is a proud Indian Muslim. Talking further he said that if he needs to take permission from the people, he will leave India.

“If I want to do Sajda then who will stop me? I won’t stop anyone from other religions nor will they stop me. If I want to do it, I will do it. What’s the problem with it? I’m a Muslim, I proudly say that I’m a Muslim and an Indian. So what’s the problem with it? If I had any problem then I wouldn’t be living in India. If I had to get permission to do Sajda from someone then why would I live here,” said Shami on Agenda Aaj Tak.

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He further added, “Even I saw it on Instagram and Twitter that people were claiming that I wanted to do Sajda but didn’t do it. Have I ever done it before? I’ve taken many fifers in my life. If you want me to do it tell me where I should do it. I will do it on every platform in India. Nobody can question me about it. I was bowling that spell out of my limit with 200% effort. Hence, I knelt in celebration out of exhaustion. Somebody pulled my hair from behind and I bowed down a bit and people made memes out of it,” he added.

Shami is not only the highest wicket-taker for India in the history of the ODI World Cup but he also grabs the most five-wicket hauls(4) in the history of the tournament.

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