Harmanpreet Kaur’s Antics Land Her in Hot Water During Thrilling ODI Tie

The third ODI between India and Bangladesh, held at the Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka, lived up to the expectations of cricket fans as it ended in a thrilling tie. With the series level at 1-1, both teams were eager to claim victory. However, the match was overshadowed by an incident involving Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur, who expressed her frustration with the umpire’s decision in a dramatic manner. As a result of her actions, Kaur is facing disciplinary action and criticism from the opposition captain, Nigar Sultana.

Harmanpreet Kaur’s Outburst:

During the second innings, Harmanpreet Kaur was given out LBW while attempting a sweep shot to a fullish delivery. Disagreeing with the umpire’s decision, Kaur displayed her frustration by demolishing the stumps with her bat. She was also seen animatedly expressing her displeasure to the umpire while leaving the field. In the post-match presentation ceremony, she openly criticized the level of umpiring, referring to it as ‘pathetic.’

Consequences of Kaur’s Actions:

According to a report from Cricbuzz, match referee Akhtar Ahmed has deemed Harmanpreet Kaur’s actions as a Level 2 offense. As a result, the experienced cricketer is set to face significant penalties. She will be fined 50% of her match fee for the on-field incident of damaging the stumps and an additional 25% of her match fee for her behavior during the presentation ceremony. Along with the financial penalties, Kaur will also receive three demerit points, two for her on-field actions and one for her critical comments on the umpiring standard.

Bangladesh Captain’s Response:

Bangladesh captain Nigar Sultana expressed her pride in the team’s performance, managing to share the series with one of the world’s best teams. However, when asked about Harmanpreet Kaur’s comments on the level of umpiring, the 25-year-old responded with grace and composure. Sultana stated that Kaur’s behavior was her own problem and emphasized the need for better manners on the field.

The Exciting Match:

As the off-field drama unfolds, it is essential to acknowledge the thrilling cricket played during the match. Bangladesh posted a competitive total of 225/4 after opting to bat first. India, in pursuit of the target, were going steadily but faltered in the closing stages, resulting in a tie.


While the third ODI between India and Bangladesh provided cricket fans with an exciting contest, Harmanpreet Kaur’s actions have overshadowed the match. Her emotional outburst on the field and critical remarks in the post-match ceremony have led to disciplinary action and fines. As the cricketing world awaits further developments, it is essential for players to display sportsmanship and uphold the spirit of the game, leaving behind any on-field frustrations or disagreements with respect and dignity.

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